Thank You God


Every now and then, I wonder, why

Why! we can’t live in peace and joy

We’ll, understand it all, bye and bye

But, right now, we should, at least, try

Try! to say, thank you God, for this lovely day

Thank you for the sky. for the earth

For our birth, isn’t that worth

A prayer
Or, do we care, only want him near

When, we get a good scare

Shedding a tear, shaking in fear

Don’t worry, He’ll be there

He’s got mercy to spare

 He is everywhere 

Listening to us,  when we cuss and fuss

He will still be good to us

He hears us complain,  He hears us explain

Again and again, He feels our pain

He understands and He’ll forgive

For, we are His children, as long as we live

No matter, what we do, no matter, what we say
His, unconditional love, will stay
© 2014 Cora J. Bouzane



Soldiers are like arrows
They go where they are sent
Never, underestimate them
For, they are hell bent
They’re only following orders
 I’ve often heard, it said
But, once they cross, your borders
You’ll still be, just as dead
They are trained to destroy
To them, you’re a toy
You may be old and wise
And, most of them, are only boys
But, like I just said
You’ll still be just as dead
The war machine has to be fed
(c) 2014 Cora J. Bouzane



Saving money, buying more

More and more and more and more

Can’t open my door, no room on the floor

Nowhere to sit, don’t give a twit

Got everything somewhere, Just can’t find it

Times are tough, buy more stuff

People almost shutter

When, they look at all my clutter

When will I say, enough is enough

It can be done, but it would be rough

I’m not alone, of that I’m sure

Kinda’ figured out,  what’s at the core

What I want most, I can not  buy

That is joy

© 2014 Cora J. Bouzane


Rob Ford ___The Mayor of Toronto


Rob Ford__The Best Mayor Toronto Will Ever Have
Leave Rob Ford alone, he’s not made of stone
To watch a man, having to run

That’s not entertainment, that’s not fun,

That should not be done, to anyone

You have no right, to hound a person

Day and night

Just because, you think, you’re right…

Because, you think, we ought to know

When he puts on ‘a one man show”

He’ll never give up, he’s not a quitter

Perhaps, he’s addicted, to the glitter

He’s doing a good job,’ most everyone agrees

On his own time, he can do as, he please

You have to give him credit though

Whether, you are friend or foe

He’s not, your average Joe, a lesser man

Would have up and ran, long ago.

Now, that he’s trying to get back on track

It’s time for The Media, to cut him some slack

Instead of acting like hounds, on the attack

Rob Ford is a good Mayor…That is a fact

He messed up…’Fessed up. Then, he had to rest up

What else can he do…To please all of you

Who is paying those protesters, to act like court jesters

Loudmouth exhibitionist, using an excuse to undress
If  you can keep your head while all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you
Kipling’s words have never, ever, rang more true
Seeing, such a good man as Rob
Keeping his cool. Surrounded by a mob
I’m not, just another, “Bleeding Heart”
Knew, he was a good man, right from the start
The one and only, never lonely, Rob Ford
What happened to forgiveness and all the joy, it brings
What happened to compassion and other, good things
If, you live in Toronto__Ford will help you  PRONTO

© 2014 Cora J. Bouzane


A Beam


There’s a seam

In between

Night and day

It’s a seam

That exposes

Just, a ray

It’s a beam

A beam of light

That shines so bright

It takes our cares away

Makes, everything okay 

Every time

We kneel, to pray

It is there, at the end of every day

For, the seam

In between

Night and day

It’s a seam

That exposes

Just, a ray

Is a beam

A beam of light

That, shines so bright

It will not sway

When, we’ve lost our way

We find it, every time

We kneel, to pray

For, it’s there, at the end of every day

© 2014 Cora J. Bouzane