Humble Pie


Our greatest gift in life,is time

But, if we never see our prime

It may seem like, such a crime

But, it’s a waste of time, to whine

And, beg for more

There’s, one thing for sure

Whether, we’re rich or poor

We’re going through that door

We can say that life’s unfair

Mother Nature doesn’t care

Once we’ve used up our share

So, we might as well prepare

For, we all get, before we die

One good feed of Humble Pie

When, we are born and when, we die

Is all up to, The Man On High

© 2014 Cora J. Bouzane


Sure Cure for Haters


There is no such thing as hate

But wait…That causes me to hesitate

Didn’t I read about that, somewhere

I read so much and love to share

But, I’m  sure, I read that haters, hate

And never, ever close the gate

Time to  take another look

In that book

Thought I knew all I needed

So I never heeded, the rest

Wanting, only the best

In my life… No strife

Then, I would  know

Where, I’m going to go

Death wouldn’t be my foe

Always loved people

Who gave me a smile

For, they’re the ones

Who make life worthwhile

I’ve tried to smile every day

For, smiling chases cares away

Only takes a second

But sure looks good

Such a simple gesture

Can’t be misunderstood

You smile because you’re happy

And, make others happy too

You smile because you’re loving

And want others to love you

The broader your smile

The longer the mile

Between, you and the soil

We learn to smile from our mother

To show, we love one another

© 2014 Cora J. Bouzane




Soldiers are like arrows
They go where they are sent
Never, underestimate them
For, they are hell bent
They’re only following orders
 I’ve often heard, it said
But, once they cross, your borders
You’ll still be, just as dead
They are trained to destroy
To them, you’re a toy
You may be old and wise
And, most of them, are only boys
But, like I just said
You’ll still be just as dead
The war machine has to be fed
(c) 2014 Cora J. Bouzane

Silently Weeping


Take my heart but treat it tenderly

Please be kind to it, for it’s still part of me

For, hearts, have a way of silently weeping

And, nobody knows, the secrets they’re keeping

When, you’re young, you just don’t realize

You should listen, to the old and wise

They’ll tell you, they’ll beg and they’ll plead

But, young and foolish hearts, just won’t heed

If, you would only look into their eyes

You would see, that hurt has made them wise

For, hearts have a way, of silently weeping

And, nobody knows, the secrets they’re keeping

© 2014 Cora J. Bouzane


Rob Ford ___The Mayor of Toronto


Rob Ford__The Best Mayor Toronto Will Ever Have
Leave Rob Ford alone, he’s not made of stone
To watch a man, having to run

That’s not entertainment, that’s not fun,

That should not be done, to anyone

You have no right, to hound a person

Day and night

Just because, you think, you’re right…

Because, you think, we ought to know

When he puts on ‘a one man show”

He’ll never give up, he’s not a quitter

Perhaps, he’s addicted, to the glitter

He’s doing a good job,’ most everyone agrees

On his own time, he can do as, he please

You have to give him credit though

Whether, you are friend or foe

He’s not, your average Joe, a lesser man

Would have up and ran, long ago.

Now, that he’s trying to get back on track

It’s time for The Media, to cut him some slack

Instead of acting like hounds, on the attack

Rob Ford is a good Mayor…That is a fact

He messed up…’Fessed up. Then, he had to rest up

What else can he do…To please all of you

Who is paying those protesters, to act like court jesters

Loudmouth exhibitionist, using an excuse to undress
If  you can keep your head while all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you
Kipling’s words have never, ever, rang more true
Seeing, such a good man as Rob
Keeping his cool. Surrounded by a mob
I’m not, just another, “Bleeding Heart”
Knew, he was a good man, right from the start
The one and only, never lonely, Rob Ford
What happened to forgiveness and all the joy, it brings
What happened to compassion and other, good things
If, you live in Toronto__Ford will help you  PRONTO

© 2014 Cora J. Bouzane